Dear Almost Lover,

H&M top, Hard Couture shorts, Talula lace bra, Love Moschino belt

you can't teach an old dog new tricks. the water spilt, but who is going to clean it up? it will always burn in the back of my head; so, if the chain is on my door, i hope you understand.


a shot to the heart

wilfred top & socks, bebe blazer,love moschino belt, louis vuitton bag

as cliche as it may sounds, only time can rejuvenates my heart into a brand new one. it is common to ask 'why me' at your lowest times. i gave my heart to him and to the company; this bullshit shouldn't be happening to me.  but who am i to say that? the better question is "why NOT me?" i can only move on from that...

thanks for the love and support, you guys!


youth is a short term lease, non-renewable.

wilfred blazer, splendid tee, jbrand wax coated pants, sam edelman shoes, louis vuitton bag, hermes belt, holt renfrew fur faux scarf

on the 10th, all the words to "before he cheats" from carrie underwood & "the last song" from rihanna are the only thing that make complete sense to me. i am almost this close to being jobless, boyfriendless, and breathless...

tell me ladies, what do you do to get over a break-up?


the show goes on...

...all night till the morning we dream so long

The night of January 7th changed my life forever - enough to remind me of why have I not throw in the towel yet. There are people who are going to take you for granted, but I will never start slacking for that reason. I will keep giving you what you want but when I am gone...

Partir, c'est mourir un peu.
(To leave is to die a little)


something blue, something nude

american apparel sweater, rachel roy shorts, wilfred belt, house of harlow necklace 

this sweater is a Christmas gift from my sister. i want to wear it with every pair of shorts that i own. yes, shorts in winter time, because it gives me the feeling that i am on a warm winter vacation.

the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room #justsayin


The Best or Nothing

H&M dress, TNA sweat shirt, Tom Ford sunglasses, Chanel bag, Rebecca Minkoff bracelet

i like to think that i live in southern california or palm springs, florida by wearing a sheer dress to work. only to realize that it is beyond freezing and beyond my dreams to even think summer is here. 

2010 was a lonely year because i had so much shit to deal with that no one can understand. isolating was actually healthy for me. but i reaaaallly hate settling for less, so here is to another year of nothing but the best!