my 27th letter

Women like me, studied Cleopatra, read Plutarch, just to understand her appeal. We discovered that it wasn't her features, nor the way she koh-lined her eyes. The power of her thoughts were truly her sass. 

Women like me tend to stay quiet, until the right time to attack. 
We know about battles, and confront loss with pride. 

After my 27th birthday, I wasn't bitter, but I was sad - sad to cut ties with those who loved so little in our friendship. 


be brave

i need to be brave, or at least pretend to be.
most of all, i want to live my life as an (!) mark, not an explanation to others.  


happy new year

aritzia babaton blazer, jbrand denim, rachel comey shoes, hermes belt, chanel bag, oak + fort necklace, babaton toque

personally, i don't believe in new year resolutions, because if i need to get shit done - i'll get shit done now. but here is to another year of learning, and taking time more serious than ever.