nothing can be seen without light

wilfred dress & slip, leather jacket from asia, hermes belt, american apparel hosiery, dolce vita shoes, chanel bag

nothing happens over night. to live it down at the bottom again, you are my rock. 


I was once what you are, and what I am,

you also will be
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 sometimes, it takes more than just time, the days and nights to make things right. life does continue after once upon a fucked-up time. never back down and never assume that one person would stay around forever. xx


she ran away in her sleep & dreamed of...

...Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise
marc jacobs sunglasses & grilled cheese sandwich @ meat & bread 

lessons i have learned this month: the greatest pain is from relationship because it is what drives us  greatness is servanthood because it does not require you to climb the ladder, it does not require you to have fame, status or good looks / do not over commit and harnest the desire or it will drive you to do things outside of your means / to "understand" one another, you must "stand under" one another / discipline yourself


caught up in paradise

H&M men's sweater, Wilfred dress, Louis Vuitton loafers, Chanel bag

you don't have to let go of it all; you can meet halfway. if nothing more can make you happy right now, maybe it is time to go back to the start with less.

but then what? don't worry, you will gain it all back. trust your gut feelings, tiger.


all that was, will always have been,

somehow never again.
wilfred dress, slip, & scarf; bcbg belt, sam edelman shoes, hat from winners, chanel bag

& somewhere along the line, i forgot who i am. the present of losing now does not concern me, it is the moment of holding on and letting go to find true meaning of who the fuck am i. the finish line is for those who have known defeat.


晴天 . clear sky

marc by marc jacobs blazer, wilfred top & belt, mink pink shorts, louis vuitton bag, jeffrey campbell shoes, rayban wayfarer

losing almost everything is one thing, but losing personal motivation is on another level. always trying to find reasons to why everything is happening, instead of just letting things happen. giving people a chance to walk into your life, but most will walk out anyway(this could be a good thing).

& when i recover, it is going to be a 晴天


try forever

wilfred blazer & tank top, f21 shorts, t.babaton toque, louis vuitton loafers, hermes belt, rayban wayfarer

this month, don't compare yourself to others. shit, try forever. you can hear it but you don't have to listen. what we have is better than nothing at all, but i always strive for the best or nothing. this cycle will never end.  



wilfred long dress, t.babaton tank & toque, f21 shorts, louis vuitton loafers, rayban wayfarer

"Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. The words "make" and "stay" become inappropriate. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free."  - Tom Robbins

But do we know how to make love stay?


夜曲 . nocturne

t.babaton cape & tshirt, wilfred leather shorts, jeffrey campbell shoes, love moschino belt, chanel bag

have a cheat day. eat whatever the hell you want; you can even have breakfast in the middle of the night. call your BFF and reminisce (your schedule is going to get more busy as you grow older). $40 budget this week: okay, let's run with it. this is the summer of 2011, don't look back - it will only haunt you.


You & I,

we're going to save the world tonight
ines romper, wilfred belt, hat from winners, jeffrey campbell wedges, louis vuitton bag

plans, to keep me moving & running. it is the only escape to stop myself from thinking why i am here in the first place.
but sometimes even if i did run far away, it is not long enough.


without hesitation

cheap monday skirt, wilfred tank top, jeffrey campbell wedges, christian dior sunglasses

don't sweat the small stuff. it is only temporary - as summer is more than half way gone. drive through the night with the radio off. watch the sunrise on the top of your car hood. re-visit the 18 year old in you that you once thought you were invincible - but remember to play it safe. stay golden but not baked.


The truth doesn't glitter & shine

talula shirt & hat, hard couture shorts, jeffrey campbell shoes, louis vuitton bag, house of harlow necklace, chanel sunglasses

...And the truth doesn't always set you free

8 months has gone by.  we have learned to carry on a conversation somewhere else.



i can still feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, while i weigh less on this earth. it is going to take forever to get used to it.


This is a toast to carpe diem...

& to those who did it first.

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i'm still lost

wilfred top, hard couture lace shorts, chanel bag, tom ford sunglasses

no one is responsible for your own happiness. time to write my own fairy tale with a bottle of vitamin b6 in one hand.


This is my heart bleeding before you

 maiko dress, love moschino belt, jeffrey campbell shoes, hat from winners, & chocolate fudge ice cream

i am not going to try to change anyone or anything in my life. i can barely even change myself. i can only learn to adapt to imperfections and admire the beauty within it (if that makes any sense?)


my heart had a crash, when we spoke

Talula dress, Jessie May crochet cardigan, gifted belt from Korea, Prada shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, hat from Winners

you, you know how to get me. maybe, my eyes are still green, because i can't fix what you broke.

photo credit: A


paint the sky with stars

wilfred dress & belt, sam edelman sandals, louis vuitton bag, rebecca minkoff & cartier bracelet

eventually, i will get to wear this orange dress on a hot and  sunny day, with my feet soaking in the sand. for now, it is a great way to add colour to the gloomy weather.


as long as you keep it 100...

...i'm going to spend this change

wilfred cardigan, french connection top, f21 shorts, tom ford sunglasses, hermes belt, louis vuitton bag 

no trust, no us


 i only have two options that will unfold by itself.


at liberty

one teaspoon tank top, zara shorts, le chateau suspender, fred perry shoes, dior sunglasses, chanel purse

my days off usually consists of not answering or playing on my cell phone, indulge in wearing an awkward combination of everything (ie. white shorts, sneakers and suspender) and not combing my hair. starbucks' green tea  (with a straw) is necessary for everyday.