Can I, can I save you from you?

wilfred overalls, tna plaid shirt, rosegold shoes 

 it is good to dream because it keeps me sane. i know i talk a lot about my work but i need to mark this down: today is my first saturday off since 2008(!) i am going to be spending the whole day listening to korean and japanese music. happy holidays.


we've learned how to make a living, but not a life

wilfred top, tna pants, hermes belt, mac morange lipstick 

George Carlin says, "These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill."

but one thing i never lose is my grind


long time , no talk

what the hell have you been up to?

 holt renfrew faux fur scarf, wilfred blazer and tank

real time, i have been working 31 days straight in a row and continuing on this journey. my last exam is on the 15th. it is seriously not that tiring because no matter how hard you work, there is someone out there working twice as hard as you! however, sleep is a luxury for me.


keep calm and carry on

photo credit: my dad
red berry fringe top, marc jacobs sunglasses, jeffrey campbell shoes

a lot of things has been running through my mind and i am not speaking in terms of wanting to buy a new winter jacket. when i was younger, i thought "things in life" will only progress. if it sucks now, "things" can only get better in the future. so far, nothing has changed. i am stuck in reverse.  

when you get what you want, but not what you need.


"life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

winter kate top, citizen of humanity denim, sven clogs

 my days start at 6:30 AM and ends at 9:00 PM, but my psychological time (in my mind) is not working with me. while my schedule is pretty occupied, i still have time to ask myself "is that all there is to life?" i hate routines.


behind the moon, beyond the rain

wilfred skirt and tank, dolce vita button up top, minnetonka moccasin, louis vuitton bag

mmm, my mom is quite happy that i have finally decided to wear this pleated skirt. it has been sitting quietly in my closet for some time now. this is not the type of skirt you want to wear when you go eat a large bowl of ramen plus an extra side bowl of rice with pork. but thats exactly what i did in those skirt, my stomach was going to burst.


red head warmer

(bitch stare is not intentional!)

wilfred sweater, f21 denim shorts, jeffrey campbell pixie, chanel wallet on chain, cartier vintage watch, rebecca minkoff bracelet, red head warmer

found this red head warmer laying around in my house. i thought i would make use of it.  i am very disturbed by the thought that school starts tomorrow at 8:30 AM. my goal is to not cut class to go to work. haha.



central park west top, wilfred shorts & belt

3.1 phillip lim's glasses. one of our new designers for our store. matte finish and tortoise shell colour. i am usually not a huge fan of that colour but this one... i like, i like.


choose not a life of immitation

(wilfred faux leather shorts, diesel shirt, house of harlow necklace)

This year, I made a vow that I will work on my savings and cut down some expenses. I say that everytime during tax season but I am actually doing the unthinkable. So far, I have cut out doing my nails, my hair, clubbing (not that I even have anyone to go with), buying clothes/shoes on a limited budget, and using coupons whenever I can. I named this blog "Saving Betty" because I seriously thought I sold my soul to the devil for a few toys and happy meal. So what is behind your guys' blog name?

PS. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes :)


i want to be a wise woman

my last day to be a 22 year old outfit: wilfred sweater, zara shorts, foxtail keychain

my 23 year old outfit: talula tank, wilfred cardigan & trouser pants, hermes belt

today is my birthday. i worked. if i looked back at 22, all i did was work. i work about 55 hours/week. my commitment to work has made me a loner, but i learned that you really have to be your own best friend.


a hundred days have made me older

marc by marc jacobs blazer, evil twin dress, h&m lace ears, chanel (gabrielle) rouge coco lipstick

these lace ears were only $6CAD at H&M. closest thing to the Maison Michel's rabbit ears without having to spend a fortune. i wanted to wear them next week for my birthday, but what the hell, i ain't even having a party.


love is gonna save us

talula bustier, rachel roy shorts, wilfred belt, f21 headband, house of harlow necklace

because of my laziness to try on clothes, i am stuck with these shorts that are huge on me. so excuse the belt sitting awkwardly in those loops.



wilfred top, rebecca minkoff spike bracelet, vintage rings, house of harlow necklace

i'll always prefer oversized, messy, loose-fitting clothes over super tight, hip hugging clothes... i just want to eat!


peaches ...and cream

wilfred silk peach dress, lanston grey tank, hermes belt

i really have no idea what to do with that peachy colour dress. when i wear it as a whole dress, it makes my body look flat and unattractive. i bought it anyway because i love that colour and i love silk...and i just have to have it? i think im just going to wear it as a coat or some kind of cover-up like in the photos.
& yes, everytime i wear this. the song peaches and cream from 112 plays in my head.


don't ever look back

it has been a busy month. there is a sense of uneasiness when i have the day off. i would be the wrong person to ask to define "relax". nonetheless, here is a photo of me at the waterpark learning to enjoy the day off.

by the way, that photo was taken after 2-3 hours in the sun and i am still pale. xx   


& the weather's so breezy. man, why can't life always be this easy?

messy hair & awkward eye makeup after an afternoon nap. i like to change clothes & go.


tuesdays with john

french connection top, f21 maxi dress, dior (suite) sunglasses, chanel bag.