hello good morning

bcbg dress, gucci flats, and my smile from my sister making me laugh before we shot this photo.
one of our new prada show cards for our store. very neat, love the neon orange lips.
every rose has its thorn just like every night has its dawn


ines jumper, house of harlow necklace, opening ceremony shoes, chanel teheran lipstick
this month, i tried to accept the fact that working on sunday is "okay" because there is no choice. just because we were friends in the past and you know all of my history does not mean that we have to remain close friends. improving on emotional intelligence is harder than you think it is. what you eat is what you get; for that reason, i have to say farewell to eating mrs.fields chewy fudge cookie every morning.
next month, i want to learn to do some serious stretching, not just warming up for the treadmill. make time for love and truly love the one you are with. let my love, the gym and the sunshine exhaust me, not customers.



Catherine Baba makes cycling or even the idea of public transportation more fun, more stylish. Now that I don't have a car due to an unfortunate event that could have been prevented by my blindness, I can really now put away my shopping-turned-into-a-wish list away. Maybe I will take the bus now (because it is such a hassle to depend on someone)...the only thing is that I would have to carry my gym bag and I would have to carry my purse and I would have to carry my thinking cap....welcome back to earth, betty.


winter kate opy jacket, forever 21 maxi dress, necklace from el kartel that can also be made smaller and wore as a head piece.

june. mid-june to be exact, but it is still mostly cloudy and raining. i have been waiting for the long and hot summer days so i can kayak, splash water on people, lay in the sun like a great white shark, and make waves. all in all, i just want to say this is the easiest time and the besssst opportunity to save money and lose weight body fat because of all the outdoor activities to do. it ain't happening so far, so i will try to add some colours, like red or yellow, to my wardrobe to pretend like i am on vacation in miami.


Top: Prada Shoes Bottom Sunglasses: Cartier Santos

Saving money really sucks... at 22. You want to do this , buy this, travel, you want to dine - not just eat. Lately, I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things because i am grindin the 10-9. But I know this will be worth it in the end and for now I will just keep reminding myself over and over again with cliches such as "all good things happen to those who wait" or "the sun will shine after the rain". 30 is the new 20, so maybe it won't be too late to rock clogs or ripped denims later. I always say this but I hope this summer I will be more selective on what to buy and buy more wisely. And seriously I cannot stress, I have not been fair and nice to my skin; hence, the damn red mark under my nose in the picture above.
Xoxo, B.


wouldn't it be great to wear those one of those pieces on a gloomy day... and not get sick in vancouver. it has been raining these past few days with very little motivation for me to wear my dresses especially with my on-and-off fever and the sore throat that has intended me to have a frog like voice. but thats okay... this is why we have this editoral from beau grealy to let us feel the moment.