peaches ...and cream

wilfred silk peach dress, lanston grey tank, hermes belt

i really have no idea what to do with that peachy colour dress. when i wear it as a whole dress, it makes my body look flat and unattractive. i bought it anyway because i love that colour and i love silk...and i just have to have it? i think im just going to wear it as a coat or some kind of cover-up like in the photos.
& yes, everytime i wear this. the song peaches and cream from 112 plays in my head.


don't ever look back

it has been a busy month. there is a sense of uneasiness when i have the day off. i would be the wrong person to ask to define "relax". nonetheless, here is a photo of me at the waterpark learning to enjoy the day off.

by the way, that photo was taken after 2-3 hours in the sun and i am still pale. xx   


& the weather's so breezy. man, why can't life always be this easy?

messy hair & awkward eye makeup after an afternoon nap. i like to change clothes & go.


tuesdays with john

french connection top, f21 maxi dress, dior (suite) sunglasses, chanel bag.



be my very own constellation

h&m dress, wilfred belt & hat, browns id shoes

my hours at work are endless but i cant complain. love don't pay the bills or for my wardrobe. i might miss out on partying with my friends ... but i can't and won't sell out on work. my eyes really need to rest.

my mom picked out this dress for me. i hesistated at first because i am so pale!! its almost like i am wearing my very own skin on top of me, youknowwhatimean? but the best part i like about this dress is that the back is longer than the front. something different for me.


in your midnight eyes, i see a summer sunrise

vena cava healer nun dress, wilfred cardigan & knee-high socks


rollin the midwest side and out livin my life getting out dreams

dolce vita top, wilfred tank, citizen denim (it's jeggings but i prefer to call it denim), house of harlow necklace, sven clogs

i cracked and bought something. those sven clogs. i feel soooo guilty for purchasing them because i am supposed to be saving. my feelings for those clogs are " wtf was i thinkin'?" after i bought them. i don't love them but i am trying to work with them.

this week, i did the grouse grind mountain hike (2.9 kilometre) in 55 mins. i was hoping to make it in 45 mins...but i lost my appetite for the hike after i saw a man take a piss in the middle of the trail with his schlong hanging out. eeps.



free people top, zara shorts, hermes belt, diesel flip flop, gucci sunglasses 

couple of photos from deep cove. Ended up on the wrong trail along the shore and not in the forest. haha, go figure. when finally found the real trail..Ended up eating like couple of flies in our mouth. and no i did not and would not wear that kind of outfit on a hike..! 


the sky falls

wilfred cardigan, lanston tank, hermes belt, tory burch riding boots

 those tory burch boots are my love. it is old but it is still a goodie. i have taken them to so many shoes repair stores to fix the leather but you can still see the leather slowly deteriorating again. i am not going to mind it anymore because 1) at least i really did make use of them and 2) it adds character

& i ended the week with a bottle of wine and a dozen of kusshi oysters at rodney's oyster house. yum.


an indian summer

tom ford frame

summer has been cruel in vancouver. the colour of the sweater reminds me of warmth and fall, but it is still light enough to  wear it during summer nights. i am already thinking of investing in fall sweaters, let alone i am wearing this during a day time in july.